The 'MoraLand' and its brilliantly performing actors have many wonderful impressions and ideas in store. The Theater Anu has succeeded in creating a fabulous staging of the place, which additionally knows how to win over the audience as a poetic parable for the responsible treatment of nature.

Mannheimer Morgen

Moraland is packed with people on Friday (and also at the performance on Saturday). People crowd in and in front of the tents, where the Morans teach us with enchanting performances that they have lost their connection to the 'Moorts' and their queen and have fallen into misfortune because of it, and that we should please do better with what we call 'Moorts', namely nature. Dear Morans! We promise to do better. But then you'll have to come back to the city park next year so that we can feel like children at least one day a year!

Hamburger Abendblatt

People appear and disappear in the pictures and it seems like pure magic. It is probably an ingenious play with light and shadow, even more likely a well-made digital animation. But at some point it is no longer important how it is done, only that it is. Spherical music to unbelievable mirror kaleidoscopes that seem to have a life of their own... There are many more reasons to visit MoraLand, you can arrive at any time, you will be greeted joyfully and you are in immediately.

New Westphalian

Visitor comments

Many thanks to the Morans! A gift for the senses, for perception and for the child in us!

The most beautiful theatre I have ever been to! Vanda.

MoraLand is real, a magic kingdom full of joy and wonder. An indescribable experience.