The Raft of the Medusa - At the Border

Sounds of the Sea. Foreign voices from afar (composer Axel Nitz). It is dark in the Munich Frauenkirche. The cross above the heads of the worshippers is covered with a projection screen. From there a girl looks down on us. She is breathing, looking at what is happening on the ground at this moment (video installation Stefan Hunstein).

The central aisle becomes a processional route of various constellations of figures; the large white columns become the projection surface of a bizarre shadow theatre: masks, silhouettes, objects, bodies appear in different groupings and rhythms above the heads of the visitors. A parade of huge shadows, paired with scenic representations of individual motifs of the tragic Medusa disaster.

In collaboration with the artists Stefan Hunstein and Axel Nitz, Theater Anu creates a multi-layered performance installation from this tragic story that explores the question of humanity in times of crisis - "An der Grenze".

An Ash Wednesday project by artists commissioned by the Archbishopric of Munich.

Direction and choreography: Bille Behr | Text and shadow staging: Stefan Behr, Scenography: Svantje Woltersdorf | Silhouettes: Albert Völkl | Technique: John Gardener
Performer: Bärbel Aschenberg, Tim Engemann, Maike Möller, Jacek Klinke, Lorenzo Pennacchietti, Silvia Sassetti

Click here for the live broadcast of the "Ash Wednesday of the Artists" (1 March 2017):

The first minutes show our performance. In the service we created the Kyrie and the intercessions, performed by Maike Möller.


Raft of the Medusa in waves jpg