The team

Theatre ANU's Poetic Worlds are the result of everyone involved in the joint creation process. The names of the artists and cooperation partners can be found on the respective production pages.

Martin Thoms is the scenographer of Theater ANU. Trained as a puppeteer at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, he has worked in numerous theatres and independent companies in the areas of set design, equipment, puppet and object theatre. As a player, he is just as familiar with the public space as he is with the peep-box stage. In 1999 he founded Theater Magica, and since 2007 he has been working with Theater ANU.

Rebecca Dirler is a performer and director. She has been working as a technical director for Theatre ANU since 2019.

Claudia Küsters cares lovingly for our clients. She is responsible for client communication and acquisition.

Ute Classen (Aachen) takes over the management for performances abroad. She has many years of international experience in the genre of new circus and street theatre.

NAT is Nathalie Sensevy. She has been responsible for the design of our programme booklets and other print media since 2008. In her design work, the Poetic Worlds of ANU can be experienced once again.

Manja Wolff is a cinematographer and the cinematic eye of Theatre ANU.