Only 20 people can join this journey into a world of invisible. Blindfolded you can experience a whole new level off sensation and encounter.

Hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting – when our eyes rest all the other sences awake magically!

INVISIBLE touch1 is an empathic evening by theatre ANU. In a small exclusive surrounding  Bille & Stefan Behr and their team lead you deep into a new world in which seeing and getting seen is no longer important.

….. and not knowing where you are neighter with whom your phantasy starts building its own world. Being awake you still feel dreaming. A precious experience you will for a long time.


durantion: ca. 2,5 h.
incl. 3 courses + all drinks


Where takes the event place?

The location (indoor) will be communicated by email to you. It is somewhere in Schöneberg and good connected to the public transport system.


Do i have to be on time?

YES!! We will pick you up at a certain place and on a  certain time. So being on time is very important for the whole organisation of the evening.


Is the event also suitable for kids?

No. This evening is produced for grown ups only.


What means “touch 1”?

We are so far starting a journey which will go on with “touch 2” one day


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