Who is Theatre ANU

Theatre ANU has been exploring poetic forms of theatre in public spaces for over 25 years. Founded in 1998 in Heppenheim, on the Hessian Bergstrasse, the company has been based in Berlin since 2007. In collaboration with numerous artists, the theatre performs under the direction of Bille Behr and Stefan Behr Parks, squares and special places - such as tunnels or industrial halls - in Germany and Europe. Every year, many thousands of visitors experience the sensual and quiet productions of Theatre ANU.

Poetic worlds

Poetic theatre forms - this is what the two theatre makers understand by the constant search for art forms of reconciliation of man with his world. They are encounters between performers and visitors in an unprotected theatre space: the urban space. Outside is reality, and it has to be changed. Atmosphere and beauty, time and deceleration, encounter and sustainability - all qualities that are becoming increasingly rare in today's world. Since 2005, they have increasingly worked in the form of theatre installations; their visitors speak of "poetic worlds" in which they immerse themselves and stay for several hours.

The combination of installation and acting makes the productions diverse and multi-layered spaces of experience for the visitor. The boundaries between audience and stage are dissolved. Whoever gets involved in these sensual worlds can immerse themselves in their unique atmospheres and allow themselves to be enchanted, even transformed, by them.