Who is Theater Anu?

For over ten years Theater Anu have been exploring the potential of poetic theatre in public spaces. Under the direction of Bille and Stefan Behr, and in collaboration with a variety of artists, the company have played in parks, squares and a variety of other non-theatrical locations such as tunnels, churches and industrial halls. Their installations and performances create unique spaces of experience and memory which invite visitors to immerse themselves in imaginary worlds, to be enchanted and transformed.
Every year, 40,000 visitors witness its sensuous, unassuming productions in squares and parks and other open spaces.

Theater Anu are based in Berlin. Their repertoire includes commissioned productions for particular occasions (Angel Land – The Return of the Angels, By the River of Light) as well as touring productions (Ovid’s Dream – In the Garden of Transformations, The Great Journey – Encounters in the labyrinth of light).

Poetic Theatre

Poetic theatrical forms: to the theatre-makers behind Theater Anu this means the continual search for art-forms which can reconcile human beings with their world. These are encounters between performers and visitors in an exposed theatrical space, the urban space. Outside is reality, which must be changed. Atmosphere and beauty, time and deceleration, encounter and sustainability – have all acquired a rarified status. Since 2005 Theater Anu have been working intensively in the form of theatrical installations, which they describe as ‘poetic worlds’ in which visitors can immerse themselves and dwell for hours at a time.