A poetic boat trip through the Spreewald at night

The image magicians from Berlin return and present another of their poetic productions in the nocturnal Spreewald - the barges glide silently through the night. Deeper and deeper into the water forest, along the dark rivers.

The water forests of the Spreewald provide a unique backdrop and atmosphere for the production SCHATTENWALD. Flowing waters are known as places for mermaids, swan-women and undines. But raven creatures? The examination of the Grimm fairy tales promises to be both curious and mystical.

Raven-people as shifters between times await the travellers at light gates and lead them through a fantastic world: poetic, sensual, surreal.
With its subtle and quiet imagery, Theatre ANU provides a new approach to the Grimm's fairy tale world and to the primal reasons for being human. It takes us back to a time when wishing still helped and trees could still talk.

With this year's SCHATTENWALD edition of TRAUMSTAKENS, Theatre ANU and the ferrymen and ferrywomen of the Kleiner Hafen in Lübbenau are following up on the first edition of 2015.

Secure tickets now and look forward to an unforgettable evening......



"Poetic, sensual and not of this world! - An experience for young and old."