A production by Theatre ANU for 10 years of BURGINSELTRÄUME

Three things have remained to us from paradise: the stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of children. | Dante Alighieri

The stars fall from the sky! Around 3,500 candles bathe the castle island in a unique sea of light. It reveals a world full of wonder, full of longing, full of love - a best of theatre ANU for the anniversary of Burginselträume.

In the beginning there is an angel, a triptych of video art and live performance. It not only watches over the castle island, but also over life. Because the sea of lights behind him has a lot to tell: A sleeping woman wakes up in her bed. Next to her are two shadows. They begin to dance and touch each other until they finally join hands and walk away together. Another shadow play tells the story of a king who meets himself as a child. But it's not just shadow theatre that will be on show this evening, there will also be the hypnotic video performance from STERNENZEIT and the concert for closed ears from MORALAND. The "magical images of changing light", with which not only the Morans but also Caspar David Friedrich often worked, will be on show, as will stories from SHEHERAZADE.

Theatre ANU presents a night full of wondrous encounters and poetic atmosphere: a castle island dream!

What is the NIGHT OF DREAMS?
Theatre ANU presents its most beautiful works: dancing light projections, surreal images behind hundreds of water glasses, stories from MoraLand and from the Great Journey. Meet the stone gardener and the mirror woman, visit Handin and the magical images of the changing light. Immerse yourself in past water myths. A night of hypnotic images and touching encounters. Enter the labyrinth of light and listen to the stories from 1001 nights... A night of dreams!

The NIGHT OF DREAMS is designed individually for each occasion. Which dreams fit your city?


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