Theatre ANU plans the premiere of its new repertoire production CHIM for 2024ÆRIUM !


A commissioned work for the Bad Hersfeld Festival 2022, as part of the evening production NOTRE DAME

In "Chimaerium", visitors to Stiftspark experienced a fictional zoo of fantastic beings, mixed creatures of humans and animals - so-called chimeras - which are exhibited here seemingly in a scientific manner: Animals that originate from fantastic literature as well as mythologies from all over the world live in different enclosures and cages, but real "hybrid beings" are also presented, such as people who grew up with animals.
In a mix of sculptures, stage spaces, exhibits, scientific panels, clay collages, the impression of a travelling menagerie like those seen at the fairs of the 19th and early 20th centuries was created.
The theme that Victor Hugo develops in his novel "Notre Dame de Paris", from the physically handicapped Quasimodo, who is initially raised and kept almost like an animal, to Esmeralda's trained goat Djali and interpretations of the mystical sculptures that "inhabit" Notre Dame Cathedral, was taken up, reflected, mirrored and deepened in the experiential world of the ANU theatre.

A collaboration with the Bad Hersfeler Festspiele's extras team!

Per performance, the mermaid and 7 to 12 other chimeras play in the Stiftspark.
In each case 90 minutes before the performances of NOTRE DAME (Director: Joern Hinkel), i.e.
7.30 - 8.15 p.m. (start NOTRE DAME 9 p.m. in the Abbey Ruin)
7 - 7.45 p.m. (start NOTRE DAME 8.30 p.m. in the Abbey Ruins)

What the Bad Hersfeld Festival is showing with the curiosity show next to the Abbey ruins is like the prequel to "Notre Dame".
It is an ingenious idea, an impressively designed situation that leads the festival visitor from the real event to the one on stage. Grandiose. And just as grandiose are the performances of the Bad Hersfeld extras who play their roles in their cages and enclosures. And directly from there they go to make-up and costume changes to be on stage again for "Notre Dame". | osthessen news
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Fantastic creatures greet visitors to the performances of NOTRE DAME in front of the Abbey Ruins.

A production commissioned by the Bad Hersfeld Festival.