The Story Grove

An installation within the framework of the festival
ANOTHER SUMMER. Bad Hersfeld - City of stories

Stiftspark becomes a story grove: enjoy the Other Summer under the trees and listen to a sound installation of stories and poems from all over the world. What can the trees tell us about us humans? During opening hours - inspired by sound and words - large figures made of wood are created, which populate the park more and more during the festival.


Opening hours:

from Mon, 3 August: During the period 10 am - 6 pm, the sound installation can be experienced, the sculptor Gernot Ehrsam will work on his works on site and be inspired by the Abbey Park, the ruin, the people and hidden poems... His works can also be purchased.

Scenography: Martin Thoms, Gernot Ehrsam (sculptor)
Sound installation: Bille Behr, Johannes Gärtner

Another Summer

Stories, plays and music, myths and legends, pictures, reports, found objects and films from the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A cooperation between the Bad Hersfeld Festival, the ANU Theatre, the town of Bad Hersfeld and its citizens.

This summer everything is different. Bad Hersfeld becomes a city of stories. Actors, musicians, singers and visual artists will play, tell stories, paint and make music in very special places in the town: in the Abbey ruins, in the Abbey Park, in the town church, in the streets and squares, in the Johann Sebastian Bach House, in the book café, in the museums in the Abbey and in the spa gardens.
World literature and reports, dime novels and poetry, works by great composers - from classical to jazz - will be heard and seen, monologues, dialogues, scenes, reports, exhibitions, installations, comedy and tragedies, as well as very private stories and historical events from the town of Bad Hersfeld.
"I am delighted," says Festival Director Joern Hinkel, "that many artists who were supposed to be on the big stage with us have spontaneously agreed to take part in our 'other summer'. There will be no Bad Hersfeld Festival this year 2020, and the Festival fanfare will not sound. The festival staff have joined forces with many cultural workers from the city and the region, together we will roll up our sleeves and see how we can make the best of the situation."




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