Bille and Stefan Behr found the new label ArsAmatoria in 2022

Originally at home in theatre, we have now been living our love for each other together for 17 years. As our profession suggests, we love to play, to be imaginative and to share the moment. Over the years, we have also made room for this passion in our private lives.
Bille Behr & Stefan Behr are the company directors of Theater ANU.
They are also Artist couple. Lovers. Married couple. Parents. Disputing Couple. Play couple.

What is ArsAmatoria?

Play with us
Those who come to ArsAmatoria venture into the game of interpersonal forces of attraction. We create erotic spaces of experience for you - exciting and beautiful, challenging and protected at the same time. We playfully explore our limits - whether behind golden masks or blindfolded. Or in workshops for couples we dare to encounter others, experience what it means to be or want to be the hunter and the hunted...
Lively and beautiful
Those who embark on the adventures of ArsAmatoria experience themselves in a state of awake aliveness. By taking risks together, we feel accepted and connected. In this playful world, we are allowed to recognise and enjoy the beauty of life and our own beauty.
Love(s) Play & Art
With ArsAmatoria we want to develop a culture of artful love play: Subtle and sensual, tender and wild, attentive and courageous, we want to be... and become what we have always been: homo ludens, the playing human being. This art of love play points far beyond our own needs and longings. It transforms our "being in the world" into a playful togetherness.