The Poetic Fair

Tents with colourful show booth facades, fantastic lampshade installations and numerous fairy lights form a fairground as a place for an extraordinary experience. In the tradition of old fairs, there are also curious things to experience in the stalls at Theater Anu: A concert for covered ears or a dreamlike light show by means of a giant kaleidoscope into which 40 people can look at the same time. In one booth, gravity seems to be suspended, in another, snow miraculously disappears from painted pictures. MoraLand has opened its doors!

The staging


A huge red bud has grown overnight on a large square. The small Moran people have discovered it and set up their show booths around it: A giant kaleidoscope, magically transforming paintings, a curious vibrating apparatus and other amazing things tell of the wondrous culture of the Morans who have come to crown their new queen. The ancient custom wants her to sleep for one night in the red giant bud. Only then is the covenant between them and their Moorts plant sealed anew.

MoraLand is much more than a play. MoraLand sends its visitors into a cosmos of stories, fantastic characters and crazy phenomena. In a poetically sensual way, the story is told of a world whose inhabitants have decided to live in harmony with nature again.

The live fiction will be experienced by several thousand people for at least six hours; day and night play. Outdoor and in tents. 13 figures, show booths, installations, 30 silhouettes, 600 energy-saving LED light bulbs, 60 lampshades, many stories and a red giant bud create a fantastic-poetic world. In MoraLandtwo languages are spoken: German and Mora.

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