A poetic theatre fair

The Morans are a crazy race. They live in a world beyond the limits of our imagination. Their culture is as fantastic as it is naïve. And that is what makes them so endearing.

Let's follow them into their cosmos, which is full of wonders: paintings that magically transform, a musical apparatus that you can only hear if you cover your ears, or a giant kaleidoscope that houses a mysterious star.

But the Morans with their curious lampshades have not stopped off at Tempelhofer Feld by chance: they are looking for a new queen. She is to restore the covenant with their mysterious plant.

MoraLand is a fantastic, walk-in world and at the same time a homage to the old show fair. It poses the question of the relationship between man and nature in a poetic - philosophical way.

Theater Anu developed MoraLand over three years, creating its own culture and language.

For the first time, the Berlin artists will show their production on Tempelhofer Feld. MoraLand is open for 4.5 hours per evening. The performance will be bilingual (Moranian - German).

Imo sor
We have come,
vador, vator
here today
to zera la
to celebrate
d Mora morana.
the future queen.
Se or o ven d vlim.
Enter and rejoice in the splendour
imo toro dodo, kir o glim
We dance with you, drink and eat,
lit ena morana d Mora va.
until the queen awakes in the morning.


If you would like to browse through our programme booklet "Moraland", click on the image below.