Maze of history


For city anniversaries or other festive occasions, Theater Anu offers you a new and innovative idea for staging history and stories with public appeal. The company builds walk-through mazes from several hundred canopies in squares and parks. Over a period of several hours, visitors have the opportunity to find their way through the floating structure. In the process, they enter various canopy rooms. These are played with scenes from your city's history. The scenes are 7-10 minutes long and are performed in a loop during the entire opening time of the labyrinth - a unique experience for young and old.

For the first time, Theater Anu is staging this idea for the opening of the "Kesselbrink" in 2013, a large newly designed square in Bielefeld. In short scenes, people and their stories are told in a poetic way: Of the nail smith who became unemployed due to industrialisation and showed a mechanical theatre on the Kesselbrink; of a farmer's wife who discovered a healing spring by chance, but it quickly dried up again; of the chairman of the football club "Arminia Bielefeld" who was deported under the Nazi regime or an urban planner who dreams of the largest underground car park in Europe under the Kesselbrink...

Curious, funny or tragic stories can be found in every city. In the canopy maze, they are brought to life in a sensual and emotional way. A bridge is created to times long past - a connection to the people who used to live in your city.