Templin | The Great Journey

In collaboration with Theater Magica

“My heroes, I summon you for the journey!” The fool’s show-booth is the gate to another world. Lifelines of light reshape public spaces into a maze of countless candles to walk through, a unique creation for each location: a theatre of encounters, a theatre of atmosphere. Take the suitcase with the crown inside and discover the king in yourself; if you are given the feather, think of your dreams. Pick out a suitcase and seek out the path.

3 000 candles, 300 suitcases, eight characters acting the stories of their hopes and disappointments in simultaneous cycles throughout the performance. The visitors themselves become travellers – become players – searching for the way to the centre.




Seebühne am MKC (multi kulturelles centrum)
09:30 pm – 12:15 am

Tickets: Normal 18 EUR
Discounted Tickets: 10-16 €

Multikulturelles Centrum Templin e. V.
Prenzlauer Allee 6
17268 Templin / Uckermark
Karten Telefon: 03987/551063
E-Mail: info@mkc-templin.de