The Angel/The Fool - Martin Thoms
The Prince - Jacek Klinke
The Lamplight Dreamer - Markus Moiser
The Tower of Memories - Bille Behr
The Bird Woman - Bärbel Aschenberg
The Mirror Woman - Johanna Malchow
The World Chamber - Karen Rémy

Idea & Concept - Theater Anu by Bille & Stefan Behr in collaboration with Theater Magica

Director - Bille Behr & Stefan Behr
Text - 
Stefan Behr
Set design - Martin Thoms
Music and composition - Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff/cellolitis
Audio editing  
- Bille Behr and Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff
Technology -
Rebecca Dirler, Anne Sturm, Thomas Hanson, Elly Smith