And the longer one follows the paths of light, stops and lingers and also deviates from the regular path once in a while, the more grateful one is for this time in this labyrinth, which in its conception of darkness and light, the play of the visible and the hidden, is a telling image for every life.

Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

A truly poetic production, a quiet spectacle for dreaming and meditation for young and old was this sensuous play that Stefan Behr and Bille Behr have already performed in many cities with their theatre. Beautiful and absurd at the same time, when old suitcases pile up at the stations, their worn exteriors testifying to many journeys. They are all empty. Everyone can fill them with their dreams but also with their everyday burdens, take a piece with them and simply put it down again to be free again for a moment.

Cologne Review

A little patience is needed until admission is granted - but this time is sweetened by the jester at the gate with wondrous tales and songs. The light installation on Klüberplatz is a journey into memories, past longings and dreams: one performer lets feathers float down from a ladder, another confronts guests with a mirror; a third tries in vain to free himself from a heavy suitcase. The Maze and Walking Garden holds many such fragile images, wondrous sounds, music and stories for its visitors: a grand and wonderful culmination for the tenth Street Theatre Festival.

Mannheimer Morgen

For the second time after their performance at the Old Cemetery in 2006, the experienced light magicians of Theatre Anu and Theatre Magica created a lusty poetic night, perfectly staged and imaginatively realised.

Memminger Newspaper

Visitor comments

All the actors, costumes, suitcases and stories brought me into a world that you only know from books. A world you are caught up in and can't let go of.


My senses enjoyed in such a way that I could completely let myself go. That is what I have been looking for in theatre since childhood. Aliveness. Being there with all my senses. Thank you for that.

Arndt Kunze

I am still totally fascinated and touched...can't find words how much I enjoyed it...from the bottom of my heart my most heartfelt thanks for this absolutely unforgettable experience!

Christel Mauler