Nuremberg | The Great Journey

In collaboration with Theater Magica

3.000 Candles. A huge maze - specially designed for each place. 300 old suitcases. Suitcase towers, suitcase fountains, visitor suitcases - everyone sets off alone on THE GREAT JOURNEY through the labyrinth. 3 hours of stars falling from the sky and of characters revealing their stories – with their eyes, their voices, their bodies.

For those who enter the sea of lights, it becomes a playful labyrinth of lights full of poetic theatre moments. Eight characters tell in constant repetition about their dreams, about not getting anywhere and about their little islands of happiness - a poetic play on the way to the centre.

Let yourself be enchanted by magical images, by the expressive play and the poetic stories. Linger until you’re carried out into the night again.



THE GREAT JOURNEY takes place as part of the "Blue Night".
You will find all info shortly here.

Ignition action with the audience
Visitors are invited to help light the labyrinth from 8pm! Lighters will be provided.

Admission times
from 20.30

Playing time
The labyrinth is open for you for 3 hours. We recommend a stay of at least 90 minutes.


THE GREAT TRIP will also take place in light rain and wind (except for severe weather warning, storm etc.).