Berlin, Tempelhofer Feld 2020 | The Great Journey


In collaboration with Theater Magica

"As if the stars had fallen from the sky! "

3,500 candles. A meander of light stretches across Tempelhofer Feld. 300 old suitcases. Suitcase towers, suitcase fountains. The visitors embark on THE GREAT JOURNEY through the sea of lights. A night in which the stars have fallen from the sky and figures reveal their stories - with their eyes, their voices, their bodies; tell of their dreams, of not getting anywhere and of their little islands of happiness, their journey through life.

A jester has set up his fairground booth. He catches pictures out of the air, talks crazy and plays tricks on the audience. When you step through the gate of the booth, a completely different world opens up: a labyrinth of thousands of lights. The visitors become travellers: Suitcases - like peep-boxes - are waiting to be taken along. Figures live in the labyrinth who are also searching for their way: The prince who doesn't want to become king; the birdwoman who won't give up her dream of flying; the lamp dreamer who paints magical light pictures of a foreign country and asks the visitors for the way there...


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Normal price: 28.- EUR / reduced 18.- EUR

!!! Sitting together with the Corona pair ticket:
Normal price: 56.- EUR, 1 person reduced: 46.- EUR, 2 persons reduced: 36.- EUR

Reduced admission is available to schoolchildren, students, the unemployed and people with disabilities (in the case of severe disability with the mark "B", the accompanying person receives free admission). Please have the relevant ID ready at the entrance control.
Recommended for children aged 10 and over.

Box office
Remaining tickets from 8.30 pm at the Columbiadamm entrance, on presentation of name, address and telephone number.
There will only be a few tickets left for each evening. It is therefore highly recommended to book online in advance!

Match times and rounds
21:30h / 21:45h / 22:00h / 22:15h / 22:30h / 22:45h / 23:00h / 23:15h / 23:30h
each for approx. 50 people

Playing time
per round approx. 110 minutes

Tempelhofer Feld, 10965 Berlin
!!! Exclusively entrance Columbiadamm !!!

IMPORTANT: Please note that all other entrances to Tempelhofer Feld will be closed at 9.30 pm! Come directly to the main entrance Columbiadamm!

Arrival by public transport
U 8 | U-Bhf Leinestraße or Boddinstraße
(approx. 15-20 min. to the entrances at Columbiadamm)

BUS 104 | Stops cemeteries Columbiadamm or
Golßen road
(approx. 1 - 3 min. to the entrances at Columbiadamm)

By car
Via the city motorway, Tempelhofer Damm exit
Via Tempelhofer Damm and Columbiadamm

Compliance with the Corona Rules

See also FAQs Tempelhofer Feld

Distance requirement and hygiene rules
The event can only be attended if a mouth/nose covering is worn. However, it is only necessary to wear it if the minimum distance (1.5m) to other visitors cannot be maintained unexpectedly during the event.

Data protection in the Corona Summer
Due to the necessary chain of infection tracing required by the authorities, you are obliged to be able to identify yourself (identity card or passport). Theatre ANU is obliged to document the names, addresses and telephone numbers of visitors. These contact details will be deleted 4 weeks after the event.

THE GREAT TRIP will also take place in light rain (except for severe weather warnings, storms etc.). We recommend sturdy shoes and rainwear. Please refrain from using umbrellas. There are not always paved paths. Unfortunately, this means that the production can only be experienced with limited accessibility. If the event has to be cancelled for weather reasons before one hour of the performance is completed, the ticket entitles the holder to admission to another performance date of THE GREAT JOURNEY, subject to availability.