Bad Hersfeld | The Great Journey

In collaboration with Theater Magica

“My heroes, I summon you for the journey!” The fool’s show-booth is the gate to another world. Lifelines of light reshape public spaces into a maze of countless candles to walk through, a unique creation for each location: a theatre of encounters, a theatre of atmosphere. Take the suitcase with the crown inside and discover the king in yourself; if you are given the feather, think of your dreams. Pick out a suitcase and seek out the path.

3 000 candles, 300 suitcases, eight characters acting the stories of their hopes and disappointments in simultaneous cycles throughout the performance. The visitors themselves become travellers – become players – searching for the way to the centre.


FREE entry!
As part of WEIHNACHTSMARKTS DER TRÄUME, further information here.


playing time
17:00 – 20:00
Recommended time of stay : ca. 70 – 90 min

Stiftsruine Bad Hersfeld
Am Markt, 36251 Bad Hersfeld

THE GREAT JOURNEY  takes place even in light to medium rain/snow (extreme weather conditions excluded). We recommend firm footwear and slicker to protect you from weather. Please do not use an umberella.  The location might be not completely even therefor we can not guarantee accessibility an all parts of the show.