Wolfsburg | Sheherazade

Sheherazade - The City of Storytellers + Yunus, the Storyteller

As part of the 30th International Summer Stage at Wolfsburg Castle.
A walk-in maze of 1000 canopies is the extraordinary setting for two productions at once:

SHEHERAZADE, The City of Storytellers

During the day, you will go in search of the famous "City of Storytellers". Over 5,000 kilometres you will accompany the boy Yunus on his adventure journey through the Arab world. Those who return in the evening will be granted admission to the festively lit tent city of the storytellers.

Theatre ANU takes its audience to the mysterious "City of Storytellers". There, in the tradition of Sheherazade, stories are told against war and violence. The visitors walk through a fantastically designed world of 1001 canopies and encounter bizarre figures and their stories. The homage to Arab storytelling culture works with dance, narrative art and sound collages.

Yunus, the narrator

An adventure listening journey in the story labyrinth. Day installation.
During the day, the canopy labyrinth offers a unique story trail for the whole family. Visitors accompany the boy Yunus, who sets out to become a great storyteller. Starting in Andalusia, he sets out to find the mysterious "City of Storytellers".

The adventurous story becomes an "audio journey", interactive play activities, large painted canvases and lovingly designed installations bring it to life in the labyrinth. Those who want to can read and re-read it in their personal YUNUS book. The small booklet is designed along the way and enriched with Yunus pictures, letters and city stamps.

With SHEHERAZADE, Theater ANU creates a theatre installation that offers a different view of Arab culture - an important signal in a world in which the images of terror and war are becoming increasingly dominant.



Single ticket: 8,00 Euro

Sheherazade - The City of Storytellers
Single ticket: 20,00 Euro / reduced 16,00 Euro

The events YUNUS, THE NARRATOR and SHEHERAZADE, THE CITY OF NARRATORS will take place within the framework of the 30th International Summer Stage of the City of Wolfsburg  held.

Wolfsburg Castle - Castle Park
38440 Wolfsburg

Playing times
Yunus - Day Installation:
08-10 October 2021
Fri, 08.10.2021: 14:30h / 14:50h / 15:10h / 15:30h / 15:50h
Sat, 09.10.2021: 14:30h / 14:50h / 15:10h / 15:30h / 15:50h
Sun. 10.10.2021: 10:30h / 10:50h / 11:10h // 14:30h / 14:50h / 15:10h / 15:30h

each approx. 75min

Sheherazade evening event: 08 + 09 October 2021
Fri, 08.10.2021: 19:30h / 19:50h / 20:10h / 20:30h /20:50h / 21:10h
Sat,09.10.2021: 19:30h / 19:50h / 20:10h / 20:30h /20:50h / 21:10h

each approx. 90 min

All further info/ticketing at https://www.wolfsburg.de/sommerbuehne