Sheherazade and the City of Storytellers

A walk-through maze of 1000 canopies is the extraordinary setting of Theater Anu's latest production. You can experience two productions:

At Day go in search of the famous "City of Storytellers". Over 5000 kilometres you accompany the boy Yunus on his adventure journey through the Arab world.

Who evening returns, is granted entry into the festively lit tent city of storytellers. Through narrow alleys leads an endless system of paths with chambers of wonders, whimsical figures and fantastic stories. This fabled city is home to the most eminent storytellers who, in the spirit of the great master "Sheherazade", tell tales against the threats of the world.

With SHEHERAZADE, Theater Anu creates a theatre installation that offers a different view of Arab culture - an important signal in a world in which the images of terror and war are becoming increasingly dominant.



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