1st crowdfuding project by Theater Anu


What is crowdfunding?

For all those who have heard of crowdfunding but do not yet know exactly what to do with it, here is a brief explanation: crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing for the realisation of creative projects. Funding is provided by a large number of supporters (the crowd) who want to support the project.

The crowdfunding will only run for a limited period of time (SHEHERAZADE until 05 April 2016) and works according to the all-or-nothing principle:
The money only flows if a so-called funding threshold is reached. If it is not reached, it goes back to the supporters.

For every so-called "supporter sum" (from 10€) there will be a special thank you from Theater Anu in return!

We have been working on the crowdfunding platform startnext set up our campaign.
On the project page you will find a detailed description of the project, video, photos, goals and what exactly happens with the crowdfunding.

The project page: