Storytelling 2.0 | Poetic online theatre takes you into the story world of 1001 Nights

Theatre ANU moves its poetic creativity to the World Wide Web. On behalf of the Landesmuseum Württemberg, the first online ANU show has been created: a fantastic journey into the oriental world of the storyteller Sheherazade.

The Berlin company works with the video conferencing platform "Zoom". Many people are already familiar with the portal from the home office world. Theatre ANU is now playing with the potential of the online service in a creative way. The theatre makers Bille and Stefan Behr use film clips, audience interaction, virtual effects and much more to produce an atmospheric live experience even in times of social distancing.

This online production takes both adults and young people into the mysterious "City of Storytellers, which is named after the great storyteller: Sheherazade. In the process, they encounter fascinating stories and bizarre characters. Aesthetically, visitors can expect an interplay of drama, dance, narrative art and sound collage. Documentary recordings of the real performances meet the living characters in the here and now. The city of Sheherazade, which consists of a tent city of 1001 canopies, dissolves into virtual spaces like fantastic settings.

With SHEHERAZADE in ZOOM, Theater ANU has developed an online performance that is far more than the usual streaming offering.
When the storytellers of the fabled city tell their tale against the threats of the world in the spirit of the great master Sheherazade, the plot is thematically very appropriate in the current Corona situation.

Interactive conference platform ZOOM: How does the online performance work?
The number of participants is limited to 100 per evening.
Registration by e-mail or by purchasing a ticket.
Registration is always possible until one day before.
You will receive a link by e-mail with an invitation to Zoom and a short introduction to the "City of Storytellers" and the journey into a poetic online world that will touch, amuse and make you think begins.

Playing time: approx.60-70 min

Performance - Bärbel Aschenberg, Bille Behr, Johanna Malchow, Martin Thoms
Director - Bille & Stefan Behr
Text - Stefan Behr
Live Streaming - Stefan Behr, Rebecca Dirler
Video - Bille Behr
Documentary video material - Manja Wolff
Photos - Ishka Michocka

Produced at the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.

Premiere April 2020

Further online offer for SHEHERAZADE: YUNUS, THE NARRATOR as a cinematic audio journey


Commissioned by the Württemberg State Museum, Bille Behr has collected film, photos and graphics from the last years of performances and created a 45-minute film in 11 chapters. As in the physical installation, actor Rainer Wöss (Austrian Film Award for SUPERWELT, directed by Karl Markovics) leads us through the story, bringing Yunus and his comrades-in-arms to life in a very powerful way with his voice.

Join Yunus over 5,000 km on his adventure journey through the Arab world. We start in the Spanish city of Ronda. His search for the "City of Storytellers" leads him via Malaga, Marrakech to Aleppo. We invite you on a journey into a wondrous world that follows the credo of creating peace with stories!

With SHEHERAZADE in ZOOM and the cinematic ONLINE HEARING JOURNEY YUNUS, Theater ANU creates an online theatre world that offers a different view of Arab culture - an important signal in a world in which the images of terror and war are becoming increasingly dominant.