Munich, St. Rupert | Sheherazade


Four storytellers from the TOWN OF STORYtellers stop off at St. Rupert's Church on their journey. They are travelling through the world to create peace with stories. Like their great role model - their master Sheherazade - they tell stories for a life without violence and war.
Churchgoers are invited to listen to their stories. They hear about the wisdom of thieves and kings, meet the story apothecary Alef who offers them his services. Siradshid takes visitors into a dangerous djinn chamber and Arachnin tells of rulers and the ruled. PEACE WITH STORIES is an evening of sensual storytelling that aims to entertain and at the same time conjures up a utopia.

Jessica Hellmann, Christine Lander, Jacek Klinke and Stefan Behr play and narrate.

Theological accompaniment by Elisabeth Stanggassinger, parish priest of St. Rupert. Andreas Götz accompanies the production with various organ compositions.

In Munich, Theater Anu was last seen at the Ash Wednesday of Artists with the performance DAS FLOSS DER MEDUSA in the cathedral.


Admission to the event is free.
Donations for the church renovation are welcome.

A series of events by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Department of Cultural Management

St. Rupert
Gollierplatz 1
80339 Munich

Start of play
6.30 pm, approx. 75 min