Bad Hersfeld | Sheherazade

Sheherazade - The City of Storytellers + Yunus, the Storyteller

As part of the festival EIN ANDERRER SOMMER. Bad Hersfeld - City of Stories

A walk-in maze of 1000 canopies is the extraordinary setting for two productions at once:

The City of Storytellers

During the day, you will go in search of the famous "City of Storytellers". Over 5,000 kilometres you accompany the boy Yunus on his adventure journey through the Arab world.
Those who return in the evening are granted admission to the festively lit tent city of storytellers.

Theatre ANU takes its audience to the mysterious "City of Storytellers". There, in the tradition of Sheherazade, stories are told against war and violence. The visitors walk through a fantastically designed world of 1001 canopies and encounter bizarre figures and their stories. The homage to Arabic storytelling culture works with dance, narrative art and
Sound collages.

Yunus, the narrator

An adventure listening journey in the story labyrinth. Day installation.
During the day, the canopy labyrinth offers a unique story trail for the whole family. Visitors accompany the boy Yunus, who sets out to become a great storyteller. Starting in Andalusia, he sets out to find the mysterious "City of Storytellers".

The adventurous story becomes an "audio journey", interactive play activities, large painted canvases and lovingly designed installations bring it to life in the labyrinth. Those who want to can read and re-read it in their personal YUNUS book. The small booklet is designed along the way and enriched with Yunus pictures, letters and city stamps.

With SHEHERAZADE, Theater ANU creates a theatre installation that offers a different view of Arab culture - an important signal in a world in which the images of terror and war are becoming increasingly dominant.

Another Summer

Stories, plays and music, myths and legends, pictures, reports, found objects and films from the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A cooperation between the Bad Hersfeld Festival, the ANU Theatre, the town of Bad Hersfeld and its citizens.

This summer everything is different. Bad Hersfeld becomes a city of stories. Actors, musicians, singers and visual artists will play, tell stories, paint and make music in very special places in the town: in the Abbey ruins, in the Abbey Park, in the town church, in the streets and squares, in the Johann Sebastian Bach House, in the book café, in the museums in the Abbey and in the spa gardens.
World literature and reports, dime novels and poetry, works by great composers - from classical to jazz - will be heard and seen, monologues, dialogues, scenes, reports, exhibitions, installations, comedy and tragedies, as well as very private stories and historical events from the town of Bad Hersfeld.
"I am delighted," says Festival Director Joern Hinkel, "that many artists who were supposed to be on the big stage with us have spontaneously agreed to take part in our 'other summer'. There will be no Bad Hersfeld Festival this year 2020, and the Festival fanfare will not sound. The festival staff have joined forces with many cultural workers from the city and the region, together we will roll up our sleeves and see how we can make the best of the situation."



Sheherazade - The City of Storytellers

Normal price: 25.- EUR
reduced: 18.- EUR

Box office
Remaining tickets on presentation of name, address and telephone number.
There will only be a few tickets left for each evening. It is therefore highly recommended to book online in advance!

Match times and rounds
Friday 17 July: 21.00 / 21.20 / 21.40 / 22.00 / 22.20 / 22.40 / 23.00 / 23.20
Saturday 18 July: 22.00 / 22.20 / 22.40 / 23.00 / 23.20
each for approx. 50 people

Playing time
per round approx. 110 minutes

YUNUS, THE NARRATOR - daytime installation

Normal price: 8.- EUR
reduced: 5.- EUR
Family ticket: 20.- EUR

Box office
On presentation of name, address and telephone number.

Match times and rounds
Saturday, 18 July + Sunday, 19 July: from 10 am at 20 min intervals. Last guided tour: 4 pm
Guided tours for max. 25 people

Playing time
per round approx. 70 minutes

Compliance with the Corona Rules

Distance requirement and hygiene rules
The event can only be attended if a mouth/nose covering is worn. However, it is only necessary to wear it if the minimum distance (1.5m) to other visitors cannot be maintained unexpectedly during the event.

Data protection in the Corona Summer
Due to the necessary official infection chain tracing, you are obliged to be able to identify yourself (identity card or passport). The organiser is obliged to document the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the visitors. These contact details will be deleted 4 weeks after the event.