The road to Moraland - a fantastic hike | MoraLand

A forest hike into a fantastic world: With hiking boots, your own drinking cup and
the desire to rediscover the "agate loop", groups of up to 20 people set off in
the forest and meet the Moran people there.
Moorts are as important for their land as air is for us humans to breathe. In the past
it like a fungus in the forests of MoraLand. But it has disappeared and the
Morans, in search of it, have been sighted along the Nahe. They know the area
They have already been guests in IdarOberstein with "The River of Lights" and "Moraland".
How wonderful it will be to watch the rock gardener at the disused reservoir as he
takes care of the famous topstones. What secret do the mirrors in the woods hold?
of MoraLand? And why is nothing lost in MoraLand? On the contrary, the Old
receives new strength in its transience? Nature installations, Moran wind chimes,
magically beautiful tree encounters and the uniquely curious lampshade figures make
the hike to a unique experience and could in the Corona summer the "MIT
ABSTAND" will be the most beautiful event.