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MoraLand Performances

Magic at the Show. Poetic stories. Fantastic lampshade creatures.
In the tradition of old fairs, there are also at Theater Anu to experience curious things in show booths: A dreamlike light show by means of a giant kaleidoscope into which 40 people can look at the same time. Polyorama art - who could ever witness the snow disappearing from a painted picture? A concert for covered ears, contemplative stone gardening, beautiful tree stories. Behind all this is the longing for a new queen who can restore the bond between the curious Moran people and their underground-growing plant, the moort. Perhaps a Moorts bud is already growing in the shade of the numerous blossoms and flowers of the International Garden Show?

MoraLand sends its visitors into a cosmos of stories, fantastic characters and crazy phenomena. In a poetically sensual way, the story is told of a world whose inhabitants have decided to live in harmony with nature again. The Interantional Garden Show presents six attractions and performances of the great MoraLand Fair.

From 13 April to 15 October 2017, the IGA Berlin 2017 invites you to an eventful and surprising festival of the most beautiful international garden art and green urban living culture under the motto "A MORE of colours". For 186 days, everything will revolve around contemporary garden art and landscape design, nature experiences, green urban spaces and living culture in the most diverse dimensions and forms on an area of 104 hectares and at more than 5,000 events.


The MoraLand performances take place within the framework of the International Garden Show.

Playing times: 2-6 p.m. each

Further information on Admission prices and venue can be found on the Homepage of the IGA.