YUNUS, The Storyteller  –  a visual improved audio book for the whole family!

Following its premiere in 2016,  YUNUS adventures are now also available as a filmic audio journey!
On the website of Landesmuseum Württemberg it is freely available by now.

Under: the matching booklet is waiting for your download!

Thanks to the cooperation with Landesmuseum Württemberg , who had to cancel the live representation of „YUNUS “ and „SHEHERAZADE ” due to the current situation, but still got creative about how to continue showing  art to its audience, theater ANU created a visual aproved audio book for the whole family.
Bille Behr therefore collected all kinds of visual material from our archive and assembled a 45 minute film leading you through the audiobook.
Yunus and his friends got their voice from the amazing actor Rainer Wöss.

Accompany Yunus over 5,000 km on his adventure journey through the arabic world. We start in the Spanish city of Ronda. His search for the “city of storytellers” leads him via Malaga, Marrakech towards Aleppo. We invite you to a journey into a wondrous world that follows the idea of making peace with stories!

With SHEHERAZADE, ANU creates a theater installation that offers a different view of arabic culture – an important signal in a world where images of terror and war are becoming increasingly dominant

Audio und Regie – Bille Behr
Text – Stefan Behr
Narrator – Rainer Wöss
Installation – Martin Thoms
Paintings – Stephanie Schulze
Video – Manja Wolff
Fotography – Bille Behr, Ishka Michocka
Grafics – Albert Völkl