Delmenhorst | Sheherazade

Sheherazade and the City of Storytellers

A maze created out of a 1001 canopies is the extraordinar setting of this production by Thetre Anu. Two different concepts can be explored here:
In the daytime you can try to find the City of Storytellers. Over 5000 kilometres you follow the voyage of young Yunus through the Arabian peninsula up to the City of Storytellers.
As soon as the sun has set, the city then  awakens and opens its gates to festive lighting. Through narrow passages a seemingly endless array of alleys unravel, with magic vaults, enticing sculptures and bizarre inhabitants. In this legendary City the most noted and well practiced disciples of Sheherazade, who through storytelling wish to bring peace to the world.

With Sheherazade Theatre Anu wish to direct a more differencíated view, than the predominant picture of war and terror, onto the Arab way of life – an important signal in a world where prejudice is evermore present when talking about the culture of the Near East.




Yunus, der Erzähler

  • Dates
    12. – 20. Juli
    14 – 18 Uhr (letzter Einlass 17 Uhr)
    Burginsel | Graftanlagen
  • Tickets
    Kinder: 3 Euro
    Erwachsener: 5 Euro
    Gruppenführungen auf Anfrage

Sheherazade – Die Stadt der Erzähler

  • Dates
    19. + 20. Juli
    Einlasszeiten: 22 Uhr, 22.15 Uhr, 22.30 Uhr, 22.45 Uhr
    Burginsel | Graftanlagen
  • Tickets
    Vorverkauf: 10 Euro
    Abendkasse: 12 Euro

Tickts directly at:
KulturBüro Stadt Delmenhorst
Rathausplatz 1
27749 Delmenhorst
Telefon (04221) 99-2464

the daytime walk-in Installation YUNUS, THE STORYTELLER will start on the 12th of Juli. YUNUS is opened several hours while daytime. We recommend a stay of ca. 90 minutes.

SHEHERAZADE, THE CITY OF STORYTELLERS will be prformed on both evenings of the 19th and 20th of Juli. SHEHERAZADE will be opened for 3 hours. We recommend a stay of ca. 90 minutes.

Burginsel Delmenhorst

Information about venue and aproach
The venue is on an artificial island. Parking is located within a walking distance in the inner city.