Wetzlar | Shadow forest

Out of reality, into the world of fairy tales, always into the forest, Theater Anu sends its visitors into an adventure. Theater Anu catapults the Grimm fairy tales back to their original setting: the forest at night. In groups of max. 50 people and equipped with a lantern, visitors experience the forest with all their senses as an unsecured terrain, as a magical place where ghosts and fauns haunt and as a place where man is close to the gods.

A commissioned production by GRIMM.2013



Playing times: from 22:00 every 15 minutes; last run 23:00
Playing time: about 70-80 minutes

Admission prices: 17€ (normal) ; 13€ (reduced)
For pupils, students etc. Reduction unless otherwise stated.
Recommended for children aged 10 and over.

Start:  Finsterloh / Forest fringe, 35578 Wetzlar