Everyone would like to reward the grandiose acting performance with thunderous applause, but this does not fit in with a production that, with its sensual and quiet visual language, would like to open up a new approach to the Grimm fairy tale world....With this production, directors Bille and Stefan Behr have created a monument to the Grimm fairy tales for the anniversary.

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Directors Bille and Stefan Behr move miles away from kitsch, gothic fantasy and ghost train horror. They succeed in doing something great. Independent. Enchanting.


The six actors Jacek Klinke, Markus Moiser, Karen Rémy, Tim Engemann, Bärbel Aschenberg and Johanna Malchow present their panorama of myths in a reduced performance and a precise text between direct attention to the audience, archaic mythic language and the tone of Grimm's fairy tales.


Visitor comments

Shadow forest in Kassel. Last night. Absolutely fantastic! You enchanted all the visitors. I am still very enthusiastic and have taken many pictures and impressions with me.

The forest stood black and silent and in the midst of it impressive images and outstanding actors. We are still very caught up in the impressions. What remains is an unforgettable experience.

It was dreamlike - magical and enchanting! The melody of the last section still resonates. So beautiful! I hope my little "offering" was able to calm the giants and satisfy the hunger.