Shadow Forest

Out of reality, into the world of fairy tales, always into the forest, Theater Anu sends its visitors into an adventure. Theater Anu catapults the Grimm fairy tales back to their original setting: the forest at night. In groups of max. 50 people and equipped with a lantern, visitors experience the forest with all their senses as an unsecured terrain, as a magical place where ghosts and fauns haunt and as a place where man is close to the gods.

It is rare that we are allowed to look into the world of our ancestors. The Brothers Grimm have kept one of these few windows into the past open for us with their collection of fairy tales for two hundred years now. Theater Anu enables visitors to Shadow Forest  directly into the world of these ancient folk tales.

Ravens, as shifters between times, have come to the people to warn them. People have lost the knowledge of the old world. But it is said in the prophecies that when the old world and its stories are completely forgotten, a "Walah" - a stranger, a woodcutter will come and cut down the holiest of trees. The world is shaken and the sleeping giants awaken. With sensual, quiet imagery, Theater Anu creates a walk-through magical forest that opens up a new approach to the Grimm fairytale world for the visitor.

Shadow Forest was commissioned by GRIMM.2013


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