Niester giants | Shadow forest

Out of reality, into the world of fairy tales, always into the forest, Theater Anu sends its visitors into an adventure. Theater Anu catapults the Grimm fairy tales back to their original setting: the forest at night. In groups of max. 50 people and equipped with a lantern, visitors experience the forest with all their senses as an unsecured terrain, as a magical place where ghosts and fauns haunt and as a place where man is close to the gods.

Rarely are we given the opportunity to look into the world of our ancestors. The Brothers Grimm have kept one of these few windows into the past open for us with their collection of fairy tales for two hundred years now. Theater Anu enables visitors to Shadow Forest  directly into the world of these ancient folk tales.

A commissioned production by GRIMM.2013



Playing times: from 20.45 every 15 minutes
Playing time: about 75 minutes

Admission prices: 18 €
For pupils, students etc. Reduction of € 4, unless otherwise stated

Niester Giants, Nieste
Fir hut 1
34329 Nieste

From Kassel, take the Dresdner Straße out of town, which soon becomes the Kasseler Straße or K 4. This leads you straight ahead to the Königs-Alm.

Shadow Forest will also take place in the event of rain (except in the event of severe weather warnings, storms, etc.). We recommend sturdy shoes. There are not always paved paths! Unfortunately, this means that the production can only be experienced with limited accessibility. Theater Anu will take care of the routing and guidance by trained staff and actors. The organiser is not liable for any injuries or damage caused by leaving the specified route or by improper clothing.

Recommended for children aged 10 and over.