Nieste | MoraLand


A forest walk into the Moranian world. Especially for the opening of the Kultursommer Nordhessen, Theater Anu is staging a satellite production of MORALAND: Every 15 minutes, groups of max. 50 people will set off on a journey past the Niester Giants directly to MORALAND!!!

Moorts are as important to the small Moran people as air is to us humans. It grows like a fungus in the forests of MoraLand. Invisible to the eye, you can hear it in the wind, recognise it in the leaf structure of the trees, and listen to the birds as they fly from the miro d pia, tell the seed guardians of the Misty Lake.

Curious lampshade figures, show booth wonders, a vibrating apparatus and other amazing things tell of the wondrous culture of the Morans.



THE FORESTS OF MORALAND will be shown as part of the Kultursommereröffnung Nordhessen!
All information on the event and ticketing will be available shortly at the Homepage of the Kultursommer Nordhessen

Advance booking
Tickets are available at the office of Kultursommer Nordhessen:
Heinrich-Schütz-Allee 33, 34131 Kassel
Phone: 0561 988 393 99
Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 9 am - 4 pm, Fri 9 am - 1 pm

Further advance booking offices in the region
HNA ticket service Kurfürstengalerie/Mauerstraße 11
Music store Bauer and Hieber at Eichler, Ständeplatz 13
Kassel Marketing GmbH, Wilhelmsstraße 23

all HNA and WLZ offices
All ADticket advance booking offices

Playing times
from 11 a.m. every 15 minutes
Maximum 50 people per group


THE FORESTS OF MORALAND will also take place in light rain and wind (except for severe weather warning, storm etc.). We recommend good shoes as the ground (meadow, lawn) can soften. Unfortunately, this means that the production can only be experienced with limited accessibility.