Idar-Oberstein | Moraland

On the way to Moraland – a  fantastic hike


A hiking trip through the forest leads you into a mysterious new world: with your hikeing shoes on, your own drinking bottle, and twenty other adventurer you can discover a new version of the “Achatschleife”.

Deep in the forest you will meet a little nation, the so called “morana”. For these lovely people the nature and especially their “moorts” is as important as the air for us to breath.

Long times ago the “moorts” grew like a myzelium all underneath moraland. As times went by the “moorts” started to disappear…

In the last days the little citizen of moraland have been discovered in the forests around Idar-Oberstein.

Join us on a trip through the wilderness and find out all about the little secrets these wonderful beings have to share.

A magical and save way to experience culture during the times of corona!




The show will take place in small groups of maximum 20 people as a loop road alongside the “nahe”.

Restaurant Kammerhof, In der Kammer, 55743 Idar-Oberstein.

Tikets can be bought for the following starting times
saturday: 14:00 Uhr / 14:20 Uhr / 14:40 Uhr/ 15:00 Uhr / 15:20 Uhr / 15:40 Uhr/ 16:00 Uhr / 16:20 Uhr / 16:40 Uhr/ 17:00 Uhr
sunday: 11:00 Uhr / 11:20 Uhr/ 15:00 Uhr / 15:20 Uhr / 15:40 Uhr/16:00 Uhr / 16:20 Uhr / 16:40 Uhr

Service introduction
A theatre-hike with ANU will take around 3 hours. Please wear sturdy shoes and raingear if necessary.