Delmenhorst Castle Island | MoraLand

MoraLand - a poetic theatre fairground

MoraLand is a poetic theatre fair that sends its visitors into a cosmos of stories, fantastic characters and crazy phenomena. In a poetically sensual way, Germany's first live fiction experience tells of a world whose inhabitants have decided to live in harmony with nature again.
Curious lampshade characters, many show wonders and the search for a new queen define the fiction around MoraLand.

We need not only innovative techniques, but also new stories for the world of tomorrow - a world in which sustainability must become one of the core values in our society.

Theater Anu

NOTES: MoraLand in Delmenhorst is a special adaptation for the Burginsel. Set-up of the installation and figures can be experienced in a new formation!



6 € Advance booking
8€ box office
Family tickets are also available in advance for €14 and at the box office for €18. Holders of the golden BankCard (members of Volksbank Delmenhorst Schierbrok eG) have free admission with their card when presenting it at the box office.

Advance booking
Tickets are available at the KulturBüro on the ground floor of Delmenhorst Town Hall
Phone (04221) 99-2464
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 9-16h | Fri 9-12h
Reservations are possible, tickets can also be sent by post free of charge.

Box office
The box office opens 1 hour before the start of the event, 7 p.m.

Opening hours
MoraLand Delmenhorat opens its doors from 8 pm.

The fair is open for you for 3 hours. This is followed by a joint closing

Castle Island Delmenhorst

Info venue and directions
The venue is located on an artificial island. Parking is available within walking distance in the city centre.

MORALAND also takes place in light rain and wind (except for severe weather warnings, storms, etc.). We recommend good footwear as the ground (meadow, lawn) can soften. Unfortunately, this means that the production can only be experienced with limited accessibility.