Tempelhofer Feld | Moraland

MoraLand – a poetic, theatrical fairground

A land full of hope. An ancient legend.

MoraLand is a poetic, theatrical fairground, which draws its visitors into a cosmos of stories, fantastic figures and outlandish phenomena. Using a lyrical, sensory language, it describes a world whose inhabitants have decided once again to live in harmony with nature.


The fascination of MoraLand lies in the unusual fairground arts performed, and the idea that it is possible to create our own world, which can be experienced by all the senses. Just as if entering an foreign land, the audience in MoraLand are confronted with a an unfamiliar language, strange rituals, songs, and a cosmos of unfamiliar lore.

During the night the fairground transforms itself into an open-topped circus tent: fairy lights, lampshades and paper-cut lanterns create a romantic atmosphere. The stalls and attractions run in a loop for around five hours. Visitors can experience magical images including vanishing snow, a giant kaleidoscope, a concert for open ears, and much more.

Strange lampshade figures search amongst the visitors for their future queen, who will sleep for one night in the huge bud of the Moorts plant. MoraLand is a fantastical dream world; it is experiential fiction and represents a new form of interactive theatre. Above all, however, it is a poetic parable about the relationship between humans and nature.

“Imo vera dodo sola ina moramoo!” We’ll meet again in MoraLand!



Imo sor
We have come
vador, vator

here today
to zera la

to celebrate
d Mora morana.

the future queen.
Se or o ven d vlim.

Step inside and delight in the splendour;
imo toro dodo, kir o glim

we will dance with you, eat and drink,
lit ena morana d Mora va.

till the morning, when the queen awakes.
(Metamorphosen, 3. Buch 346-350, Narcissus und Echo)





Ticket Prices
normal price: 28.- EUR / cut price. 18.- EUR
Cut prices are for students & pupils, unemployed, people with diabilities (for owners of a severely handicapped pass with the marker B on it one assistent person is free)
The staging is recommended for children  from 10 years and older

Staging times
7:30 pm 12:00 pm

Entrance times
7:30 – 9:15 pm

Box office
The box office will be open daily from 7pm for 2 1/2 hours at the main entrance Columbiadamm

Where to find us
Tempelhofer Feld, 10965 Berlin

We know that the tempelhof airfield is HUGE so here are some directions to help you find us..
Enter the field at the main entrance  “Columbia Damm”. Go straight ahead for several hundred meters until the way splits. Go left and walk again for some hundred meters, keeping the big wall on your left side. Our staging will be located close to the restaurant “Luftgarten”

!!! ONLY entrance Columbiadamm !!!
IMPORTANT: Please note that at 9:30 pm all other entrances to Tempelhofer Feld will be closed! Please come directly to the main entrance Columbiadamm!


Public transport
U 8 | U-Bhf Leinestraße oder Boddinstraße
( 15-20 min walk to the main entrance Columbiadamm)
BUS 104 | station Friedhöfe Columbiadamm or
Golßener Straße
(ca. 1 – 3 min. walk to the main entrance Columbiadamm)

Arrival by car
Via the berlin city autobahn, exit Tempelhofer Damm.
Via the Tempelhofer Damm and the Columbiadamm.

Corona restrictions
As far as we can assess the situation today (02.June 2022) there will be no corona restrictions during the staging.
Nevertheless we would like to ask you to have a FFP2 mask with you and not to visit the event if you have corona-typically-symptoms.

MORALAND takes place even in light rain (except for storm warnings, heavy rain etc.). We recommend solid shoes and rainwear. Please refrain from umbrellas. We do not always walk on paved paths. Unfortunately, this means that the staging can only be experienced barrier-free to a limited extent.