Theater ANU builds a bridge between dream and reality, between facts and fiction. The scenes leave room for all kinds of interpretation, an invitation for the visitors imagination.
In the end a corridor of light will lead the audience back into reality.
What remains is the question: what will one´s own dreams look like that night?

Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine

Visitor’s Feedback

on behalf of everyone involved in the project I would like to thank theatre ANU. Their show underneath the barrage wall was more than special.
I have only received very positiv feedback so far and can say that I was very surprised and emotionally moved by what you did on location. I agree with the spectators with whom I spoke. It was fantastic. with me the expectations not only got fulfiled but excelled.

Klaus Dieter Brandstetter,
Geschäftsführer der Touristik Service Waldeck-Ederbergland GmbH