Production concept

A river of light consisting of 40 000 candles was to make the river Nahe, ‘swallowed’ over 25 years ago, visible again. For two nights, the audience could meander along the stream of candles. Theatrical scenes were to be played out at ten stations along the river in contiunuous loops, telling the ‘story of the Obersteins’ in a poetic style. The scenes were developed especially for the project.

As we were in the production phase of our new repertoire piece Come to MoraLand (premiered 2011), which addresses the subject of human beings’ relationship to nature, we took the decision to create a story which would form part of the Mora narrative cycle: The Obersteins of MoraLand. A ‘swallowed river’ would fit perfectly in the Moranians’ world! A kind of satellite installation was to be created, the main protagonists being the fantastical lampshade beings, without necessarily incorporating other elements of the planned fairground production, Come to MoraLand into the piece for Idar-Oberstein.

The story

A group of Moranians have made the long journey to Idar-Oberstein from MoraLand. Once a century they travel here to have their ‘Obersteins’ cut and polished in this small town. The reason: this is where the best gemstone-cutters are. But this time, after their first stones have been cut, they notice that the light in the cut stones has changed. Since the river was ‘swallowed’ the light once reflected by the water has also left the town. They decide to lay out a river of light through Idar-Oberstein. The cutters can use this special light to work in.