In the beginning there was fire.
And the fire was the beginning.
The end will also be fire.
All-consuming fire...

The song of the Stahls in GLUT

Theatre ANU develops a spectacular and profound open-air production in Siegen Castle Park for the city anniversary SIEGEN 800.
With dance, performance, live music, theatre and light art, the company combines the theme of "fire" from Siegen's city history with mythological motifs from Greek antiquity - Prometheus meets Siegen.

Alongside Prometheus, the bringer of light and fire, Pandora also plays a decisive role: the first woman, created by the gods of Olympus, equipped with the "Pandora's box", which once opened brings suffering and passion as well as hope to mankind. This female body symbolises the city with all its seduction, vices, desires and privileges.

Theatre ANU stages a city history that crystallises out of the needs of humanity. Siegen and its fire chronicle become the blueprint for a story about humanity in all its facets: success, wealth, cultural prestige, catastrophes, abysses, demons, vision.

It tells of drastic events such as the "year without a summer" in 1816, when the sun was darkened by a volcanic eruption in Indonesia - resulting in unprecedented crop failures. The ore treasures that have guaranteed Siegen's prosperity since the beginning of its history and are still responsible for the production of weapons and ammunition to this day.

The Siegen city fires tell of loss and hopeful rebuilding. Images of the pogrom night offer space for the commemorative culture of a city's history. "Rubens images" generated using artificial intelligence show that the "desire for art" has also arrived in the centre of the population of the diverse urban community that Siegen can no longer do without.

Photos from the city archives, a specially produced shadow film, AI-generated Rubens images, burning winged shoes of Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and a concert of anvils and iron make "GLUT" a unique theatre experience.