Angels over Bremen | Engelland

Suddenly they are sitting there,
Their wings spread wide,
High up on balconies and roofs.

Their eyes are on you.
Pausing. Silent dialogue.
Happy moment

LIVE STREAM of the ANGELS OVER BREMEN on Saturday, 12 June
at 12.30 pm! Be there when our angels come directly to your home.

Angels appear over Bremen! Happy is he who sees them! With ANGELS OVER BREMEN we show a multi-dimensional image that allows everyone to have a different experience.
What does man need now, in this time? The guarding angel, the proclamation, the guardian angel, faith, the memory of past souls, the kind hand, the bringer of salvation, a being from the future and the past, a timeless soul, an image of hope and reconciliation?

At small information stations there are postcards to take home with QR codes: Simply scan them with your smartphone and have them read out the text of your angel! And if you can't make it to Bremen, you can download the postcards here:

Angels over Bremen_Theatre ANU_Postcard QR Code 1
Angels over Bremen_Theatre ANU_Postcard QR Code 2
Angels over Bremen_Theatre ANU_Postcard QR Code 3
Angels over Bremen_Theatre ANU_Postcard QR Code 4

If you see an angel, post your photo on instagram at #engelüberbremen
Follow us on on facebook and instagram, because it could happen that the angels also come to your home.... stay tuned!



ENGEL ÜBER BREMEN is a free event within the framework of La STRADA Bremen.

Where are the angels to be seen and when?
09.06. in Obervieland and Huchting
10.06. in Vegesack and in Vahr
11 + 12.6. in the city centre of Bremen

Who plays?
Bärbel Aschenberg, Rebecca Dirler, Clara Isemann, Jacek Klinke, Bartel Mayer, Markus Moiser, Lina Marie Rohde, Martin Thoms
Streaming: Johannes Gärtner

Stefan Behr

Audio collages
Bille Behr

Bille & Stefan Behr