Time of the Angels

There are times when angels are especially welcome. Experience the feeling of "angel" in very different ways: hopeful, sad, gentle, curious, humorous, seeking protection - yet always sublime.
Theatre ANU shows five different angel performances and installations in the form of station theatre:

"The ladder to heaven" - a fire installation made of burning shoes climbing up a ladder into the sky. A few metres away, a farmer has set up his market stall. He sells so-called "angel potatoes". As a highlight, he presents his angel.

The famous Rilke poem "Engellieder" is the basis for a pas de deux of a couple, in the tension between freedom and attachment.

The audience can experience the performance as dance and as shadow play. Projections of psychedelic-looking images appear on a screen, created live by a dancing being with wings. And suddenly a winged being appears on the roof of a house. With its wings spread wide, it watches over the city.

Fire, light, shadow, dance, video projection, storytelling. Take an hour of the angels' time!

And when you come back, you can say: Today I met an angel.

Photo: Johannes Gärter