The images of the angels went around the world on 9 November 2009. They appeared on numerous front pages at home and abroad as a poetic image for reunification.

The Angels over Berlin are the most beautiful and coherent image of this 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall.

France Info

As if Walter Benjamin's 'Angel of History' had stopped off in Berlin.

The world

Angels watch over the city!

                                                                             Berlin Morning Post

Visitor comments

I hope and wish that many people will notice this quiet and unspectacular production and remember the time of the Wall, when only the sky over Berlin was undivided.

Wolfgang Thierse, Vice President of the German Bundestag and patron of Angels over Berlin

I was one of the many visitors to the Unity Festival yesterday. The moment I discovered the angels was simply magical. I got goose bumps, tears welled up in my eyes. I was just so fascinated. They cast a spell over me. Great action! I hope to see you again. Thank you for this moment.

Visitor from Berlin