Bad Hersfeld | Shadow forest

Shadow Forest

Out of reality, into the world of fairy tales, always into the forest, Theater Anu sends its visitors into an adventure. Theater Anu catapults the Grimm fairy tales back to their original setting: the forest at night. In groups of max. 35 people and equipped with a lantern, visitors experience the forest with all their senses as an unsecured terrain, as a magical place where ghosts and fauns haunt and as a place where man is close to the gods.

It is rare that we are allowed to look into the world of our ancestors. The Brothers Grimm have kept one of these few windows into the past open for us with their collection of fairy tales for two hundred years now. Theatre ANU enables visitors to SCHATTENWALD to dive directly into the world of these old folk tales.

Ravens, as shifters between times, have come to the people to warn them. People have lost the knowledge of the old world. But it is said in the prophecies that when the old world and its stories are completely forgotten, a "Walah" - a stranger, a woodcutter will come and cut down the holiest of trees. The world is shaken and the sleeping giants awaken. With sensual, quiet imagery, Theater Anu creates a walk-through magical forest that opens up a new approach to the Grimm fairytale world for the visitor.

SCHATTENWALD was commissioned by GRIMM.2013



Starting point
The theatre evening begins in the Stiftspark, Vitalisstraße, 36251 Bad Hersfeld)
This is also where the lantern distribution takes place.

The trail ends at the "Kohlrabi Bar". Here the lanterns will be collected and there will be the opportunity to linger for a moment in a nice atmosphere and let the evening come to an end.

Parking is available at the "Marktplatz", among other places.

Playing times
from 19:30 every 15 minutes
Duration: approx. 90 minutes (approx. 2km uphill)

Ticket prices
Full-payer: € 25 | Reduced: € 20 (culture bands)

Advance ticket sales begin on 01.10.2021 (registration and cash payment required at the Tourist Information).

At the market 1
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Phone: 06621 201 886

You can find more information on ticketing here.

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SCHATTENWALD also takes place in light rain (except storms etc.). We recommend sturdy shoes and rainwear. Please refrain from using umbrellas. There are not always paved paths. Unfortunately, this means that the production is only accessible to a limited extent.