Solingen | Water myths

Theater Anu open the 24th Walder Theatertage on 24.09.
Due to advance ticket sales and numerous requests, there will be a preview of Theater Anu on 23.09! Tickets for this can be purchased in advance from Friday 17.09.

A beautiful woman - half goddess, half toad - dances in the dark waters of an artificial pond, doing her work on the stream of life. A fisherman consumes himself for love of his mermaid. A water woman appears behind an elliptical wall of 400 water glasses, her movements reflected like chimeras. In a round dance of kaleidoscopic images, a girl dances in search of water, while her husband embarks on a pilgrimage to the source of life and a lamenting prince consort threatens to sink his silver ball in the well.

With a NRW premiere of WASSERMYTHEN, the team around theatre-makers Bille and Stefan Behr brings a special experience of poetic play to the Stadtpark Wald, an impulse for a society that, for all its diversity, must practise an intensive culture of connectedness if it wants to survive.



Normal price: 5.-€
As part of the 24th Wald Theatre Days: "Wald leuchtet" in Stadtpark Wald
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City Park Forest
Friedrich-Ebert-Str 75 - 42719 Solingen

Duration approx.70 minutes

The organisers recommend that parents who wish to bring their children attend this event from the age of 12.

In this event, the highest safety standards are implemented by the organisers in times of pandemic, so that one can simply enjoy this highlight of a cultural event in a public space. Every quarter of an hour, a small group of spectators is guided through the production in the city park by an actor. This small group stays together for the entire time, keeping their distance. Upon entry to the Stadtpark, the 3 G conditions are checked, although this is not actually required for an outdoor event.

Each small group has its own start and end times for the production. According to the experience of the ensemble, the first times will be booked up very quickly.