Theatre ANU transforms park landscapes into mystical water worlds. The visually powerful production tells stories of the dream, a night sea journey that tells of infertility, the water of life and the incompatibility of man and woman.
Whether the story of the mermaid Undine and her lover Hans or a completely unknown version of the Frog Prince, when night falls, the play begins:
A beautiful woman - half goddess, half toad - does her work on the stream of life. A fisherman consumes himself for love of his mermaid. A water woman appears behind a wall of 400 water glasses. Her movements are reflected in the water like chimeras. In a round dance of kaleidoscopic images, a girl dances in search of water, while her husband goes on a pilgrimage and a lamenting prince consort threatens to sink his silver ball in the well.

In the poetic world of Theater ANU, whimsical characters romp about with their crazy, fantastic stories and ignite a nocturnal rush of images.


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