A story and light installation

The course is unplayed and leads through a park. It consists of several light installations. Visitors can listen to audio collages at the individual stations.

Photos and more info on the content here.

Premiere THE HEAVEN SO NEAR postponed indefinitely!

  • Closing off the area and admission
    The park should be lockable. In order to equalise the admission, several admission times (e.g. at intervals of 30 minutes) can be organised.
  • Visitor numbers
    In principle, tickets are issued for the event. This also ensures that the number of visitors is kept to.
  • Compliance with distance regulations
    Should spacing arrangements still be in place or recommended during the implementation period, this can be ensured by the following measures:
    There are markings at the venues where visitors can stand. These are marked at the appropriate distances. If necessary, helpers monitor compliance with the distances and point out visitors accordingly.
  • Hygiene rules
    Since nothing is touched during installation, no disinfection is necessary.
    If a mouthguard is recommended for events, it can be purchased or handed out at the entrance.

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