Status 29.04.2020

Theatre ANU refers to two currently valid recommendations for action when conducting its events:

1.COVID-19 // The security of an event - implementation instructions
Status 28.04.2020
Recommendation for action by the Working Group on Event Security (AVS)

The Working Group on Event Security is a cooperation between the IRG (Institute for Rescue Engineering and Hazard Prevention) of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the publishing house xEMP (extra Entertainment Media Publishing). Its members include representatives of interest groups and associations, the non-police emergency services, the professional fire brigade as well as operators of places of assembly and event organisers. Guests and experts have been and will be invited to discuss special topics. The working group is supported by an advisory board in which other institutions and persons are active. The elaborations and definitions are intended to serve as an aid for authorities and organisers and to supplement existing documents.

This position paper recommends for events in public spaces:

  • Considerations for events in assembly areas (indoor) with note
  • Permanent fresh air promotes preventive measures
  • Observe and implement regulations of public life (shopping/public transport) (covering mouth and nose, distance, disinfection,).
  • Ensure queuing arrangements at attractions, catering stalls, at the entrance or other waiting areas.
  • Regularly re-evaluate knowledge about the duration of exposure (factor to which a group of people is exposed). E.g. max. 15-minute contacts < 1.50m may be permitted according to the recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute (as of 28. 04. 2020) or adjust the timing of stage programmes to reduce the length of time visitors spend on stage.
  • Gather experience with new formats and adapt them to the current situation, design a performance e.g. in the form of a time-limited flash mob.

Recommendations for events in places of assembly, indoor (extract):

  • Visitor guidance. Entrance and exit must be separated.
  • Visitor guidance in the opposite direction must be avoided.
  • Establishment of waiting zones (space for queues, floor marking of distances in the queue).
  • Tracking infection chains through personalised visitor management/ticketing


Version 2.0 from 28.04.2020
Recommendation for action by the Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication (R.I.F.E.L.)

The recommendations were drawn up by an interdisciplinary group of experts. It combines the expertise of those responsible for event technology, technical directors, stage and exhibition builders, experts from event security, catering and logistics, venue operators and other professional group representatives such as event and artist agencies. The recommendations are supported and endorsed by the following institutions and associations: DPVT, FAMAB, ILEA, ISDV, IHK Hessen, THM Mittelhessen, TU Chemnitz, visitBerlin and VPLT.

The recommendation is aimed at indoor events, we consider the Protection guideline B for relevant and also feasible for our events.


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