Sheherazade and the City of Storytellers

A labyrinth of 1001 canopies 

A walk-through maze of 1000 canopies is the setting of the production. The visitors go in search of the legendary city of storytellers.
They accompany the boy Yunus who is looking for this city and travels over 5000 kilometres through the Arab world. He has heard that the tent city is home to the most important storytellers who, in the spirit of the great master "Sheherazade", tell tales against the threats of the world. Visitors experience wondrous testimonies of their vanished culture: the souk of Marrakesh, the famous story pharmacy of Aleppo, the chamber of the Djinn or the Hikayah water games.
With Sheherazade Theater Anu creates a theatre installation that offers a different view of Arab culture - an important signal in a world in which the images of terror and war are becoming increasingly dominant.

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One production: 2 different event concepts

The new production by Theater Anu can be booked in two different event concepts that complement each other. On the one hand, there is the possibility to walk through the unplayed adventure course with many stations during the day, on the other hand, the production can be shown with actors on several nights.


  1. Course: a poetic adventure course through the labyrinth of 1000 canopies that focuses on the family as the target group. It tells the story of a boy who sets out to become a great storyteller; who sets out to find the missing "City of Storytellers". Visitors travel with him into an artfully designed world of gates and rooms that tells of the powers of the jinns, the uniqueness of the Arab world and the great master in a playful and interactive way.
    The special feature: Every visitor receives a book to accompany them on their journey.
    He stamps silhouettes on his pages or adds his own notes.
    Team: After assembly, the installation of 1-2 Theater Anu employees supervised.
  2. Staging: Sheherazade - the city of storytellers as a walk-in Theatre production. An ensemble of 6 actors and storytelling artists enliven the canopy world with unforgettable stories and encounters. At night, it becomes a tent city in itself! Storytellers transform the labyrinth into an unstoppable flow of narration in which visitors are immersed during their journey. They can not only visit the story pharmacy of Aleppo, but are actually treated here. They experience the powers of the jinns first-hand! In another room, words become not only narrative text but also, comparably like clothing covers, a texture that allows the body to narrate - just as Sheherazade did.
    Team: 8 people (6 artists and 2 technicians/evening direction)

Scenography Sheherazade

The walk-through labyrinth consists of hundreds of tulle canopies. These are suspended via a system of ropes, poles and gates. For several hours a day, visitors can make their way through the maze and discover curious objects such as phenomenological objects, mechanical automata, sound collages and calligraphies. We are planning 6 gates with 6 adjoining rooms. Rooms will be added or extended for the performed theatre installation. In the middle of the labyrinth is a tent that can accommodate about 50 people at a time. Dozens of lamps mark the tulle rooms and light the way at night.

Additional events Storytelling tent in the centre

In addition, special events such as storytelling evenings or workshops for a maximum of 50 people can be offered. These can be staged or arranged by Theater Anu or organised as an in-house event. This use is possible with both Sheherazade concepts.

Visitors and target group

The production is aimed at the whole family in its aesthetics and conception. As with all Theater Anu productions, children also understand the characters, narratives, settings, images, atmospheres in their own way. The installation can be explored together.