Shadow Forest

Exit reality, enter a world of legend. Theatre ANU sends their spectators, into the heart of the forest. The ensemble from Berlin catapults the fairytales of the brothers Grimm back into their original setting: the woods at night. In groups of maximally 50 people and armed with a lantern to guide the way, the audience can experience the forest with all of its magnitude, it’s irregular terrain, it’s magic, a place where ghosts and fauns still exist, a place where man can still feel the presence of the gods.

Only seldomly may we peek into the lifes of our ancestors. One of the few window to the past the brothers Grimm have kept open to us  now for a near 200 years in form of their collection of fairytales. Theatre ANU gives those who are interested the possibility to dive into this world of the peoples own legends.

Ravens as wanderes between the times have come to the people to warn them. The humans have lost their knowledge of the old world. It is foretold though that when man has forgotten his past and its tales then a “walah“- a foreigner will come and fell the holliest of trees. The world then is thrown into disarray and the sleeping giants awaken. With a language which tickles the senses and whispers to us, theatre ANU are able to create a magical forest which enables the audience a new perspective on the legends of our forefathers, as protrayed by the brothers Grimm.

Schattenwald was produced for the GRIMM -festival 2013